When Optimism Meets Realism


I’ve always been a sucker for New Year’s Eve. The night is symbolic of change and embracing new opportunities. There just seems to be a magic in the air.

On January 1st, the whole world is fresh and new. The year is a clean slate- full of promise and inviting. There is an inherent sense that life is back within our control.

I’ve always been the kind of person who made a list of resolutions, excited to fulfill them in the new year. I’ve also notoriously fulfilled the cliché of saying “screw it!” in February and deciding that the next year would finally be my year.

As I’ve prepared for the arrival of 2017, I’ve decided to throw out the old ideology behind my resolutions. I still have goals for 2017, but rather than being completely concrete about what needs to happen, my resolutions are more open-ended. Rather than setting a specific goal of losing X amount of pounds or having the experiences of Y and Z, I’m making the majority of my resolutions more based on intention, such as improving my physical health and being more open to trying new experiences. I’ve also created a 2-4-6-8-10-12 schedule for meeting some of my specific goals, making them more accessible. So February has its own goal (16 gym visits by then end of the month), and April (purchase a new computer), and so on. Each of my resolutions for 2017 support my broader intentions of living well, finding  joy, and cultivating the life I want to live.

Overall, my intent is for my resolutions to be realistic. I have a strong sense of how I want to grow during the year, but I also want to be realistic and respect the year for its potential.

On the eve of 2017, I have far fewer expectations of the new year and far more faith that this year will be a year of growth, opportunity, and passion.

Whatever the year may hold, I’m ready for it.







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