What I Ate Wednesday #1

Hello my peeps!

My blogging so far has been… inconsistent (to say the least). It is a goal of mine to take things slowly and be intentional about what and when I post. I want to let you, my readers, into my little online world. That said, one of the things I am passionate about and excited to share with you is veganism! I constantly get asked by curious folks “What do you eat??” and rather than roll my eyes, I want to answer the question: Everything. I eat everything.

I’m a bit of a nutrition nut. I’m obsessed with eating real, wholesome foods that taste good and make me feel good. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more and more fascinated by nutrition and its practical application in my life. I’m also curious AF- especially when it comes to what other people eat!

3 hours of “What’s In My Fridge” videos on Youtube?  YES, please! 

I think it’s only fitting that I feed the WIAW frenzy- maybe you’re just as curious as I am.

And without further ado, here is my day of eats. Please excuse my complete lack of photography skills.


After hitting snooze for what felt like (and literally was) a dozen times, I forced myself to climb out of bed. The first things in my system were my meds and supplements with a few gulps of water. As I got ready for work, I sipped on some hot water with lemon.


As much as I hate to admit it, my functionality pre-coffee in the mornings is slim to none. Once I arrived at work, I scarfed down my breakfast: overnight oats in a near-empty PB jar. I made the oats with almond milk, chia seeds, vanilla, maple syrup, and bloobs. I’m not usually a huge fan of overnight oats, but they are great for on the go! They were pretty darn good, too!


My mid-morning snack was a bag of homemade roasted chickpeas. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with making them lately, and now that I’ve perfected my recipe they are basically a snacking staple in my meal prep routine. I can’t wait to share the recipe- stay tuned! And like any healthy-eating wannabe, I drink a ton of water.

How cute is my SipXswell bottle?! So cute. Ugh.

WIAW 4.png

Now, for lunch I did eat more than just these freaking pretty grapes and strawbs. I also had the Hummusapien’s AMAZING vegan lasagna, but alas, it did not photograph well and I want to spare your eyeballs from that level of torture. Seriously though- Alexis is a genius. Her every post and Instagram picture make me want to up and move to Ohio just so I can eat her food.


My afternoon snacks included an unpictured flourless peanut butter zucchini brownie (what can I say? I was starving and ate it before I remembered to take a picture), some green grapes, and a soy latte. The brownie recipe is also from Hummusapien. I swear this isn’t a sponsored post, I just adore her recipes!


Dinner was a SOG- which is Chipotle-speak for a vegan sofritas burrito with guac. Weird sounding abbreviation, delicious burrito. I get it with brown rice + black beans+ fajita veggies+ mild salsa + a smidgen of corn.

YES, I KNOW THE GUAC IS EXTRA. Pile that shiz on!

Now, as I’m putting the finishing touches on this post, I’m winding down with a cup of herbal tea and getting ready to watch another episode of The Santa Clarita Diet before it’s lights out. Can you imagine if Drew Barrymore’s character did a WIAW? ((shudders and gags))

Good night, y’all.

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