Monthly Favorites

Where did March go, y’all???

I can’t believe we are a quarter of the way through 2017!

To be honest, this month was way too long. The last two weeks especially have had me feeling ragged and out of energy. Sometimes that’s life, ya know?

I make it to work but my hair isn’t done. I plan to go to the gym but then I get cramps. I sleep 8 hours but wake up exhausted. It’s just one of those phases.

There’s always a bright side though, and I do better emotionally and physically when I focus on the positive.

My evaluation at work went well. I was able to see a few friends throughout the month. The month ahead is full of exciting things.

Hopefully March treated you well. Despite the craziness, I made a point to round up some of my favorite things so I could share them with you.

  1. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose– I’m super picky when it comes to perfumes. I don’t like anything too overtly floral, or too sugary sweet. This scent has notes of rose and tobacco that create an intoxicating, musky scent. It’s my go-to perfume for special outings.
  2. Chickpeas– This might be a weird “favorite” to share, but as I’ve said before: I. Love. Chickpeas! You can make roasted chickpeas, a chickpea scramble (recipe to come) or even peanut butter cookie bars. The possibilities are endless and delicious.
  3. The Wet Brush– I have pretty long hair, and tangles have always been an issue. I discovered this brush when my bestie let me borrow her’s, and I went out and bought my own the very next day. I simply brush through my hair after showering and the brush teases out the tangles and leaves my hair feeling softer and more manageable.
  4. Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning– This shit is GOOD. I love a fresh, flavorful everything bagel, and this adds that same flavor profile to plain bagels and other snacks. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m thinking it would also be good sprinkled over some fresh cucumber slices as a snack.
  5. The Minimalists Podcast– These guys inspired me to make this post; I want to share my minimalistic approach to life while also sharing the things I’ve tried that have enhanced my life. If you’re looking for some inspiration to change your life for the better, check out The Minimalists. They have a blog, documentary, a trio of books, and a podcast, all of which are incredible. If you take one suggestion from this post, let it be this one.

I hope this little list adds value to your life and provides a new thing or two for you to try in April. If you’ve made any great discoveries this month, share your recommendations below!

Until next time, friends!

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