Skincare Sunday: Lush Cosmetics Edition

Hello beautiful people- I’m so sorry for going MIA on you this past month. I’m asking myself where the hell I’ve been. Life, laziness, and a lack of inspiration have been very much in the way of my desire to post more frequently.

That will be changing.

More frequent, honest, and intentional content will be coming your way, starting with this Sunday’s skincare post.

I’ve always been a fan of Lush Cosmetics. My first memory of Lush is going to one of the San Francisco locations and with my cousins Katy and Emily. The man assisting us with the bath bomb demonstration was Irish and extremely hot. He could have sold me ice during a hailstorm. Instead, he sold us face masks.


And so began my love affair with Lush. Not only have I loved most of the products from them that I’ve tried, I love the company’s desires to stop animal testing, minimize waste, and practice philanthropy. Those are beliefs I hold and am more than happy to support.


On a recent trip, I snagged some presents for friends and some treats for myself. While I sometimes don’t love the pushiness of Lush employees (I’ve been here before. I know what I want, mmkay? No, I don’t want to smell 7325 soaps!) I do love their willingness to give samples. If you’re not too sure about something, they are happy to give you a demonstration or send you home with some decent to generously sized samples.

This post, while a total gush in Lush’s favor, is not sponsored, BTW. So let’s talk about a few of my faves: Full of Grace Serum Bar, Dream Steam, and Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask.

LUSH Collage

The Full of Grace Serum Bar is a beautiful solid serum/moisturizer. I recommend melting a bit in your hands and then applying to the face, because applying the bar directly to the face isn’t as sanitary and can result in using more product than necessary. The serum feels kind of thick or greasy at first, but if you use it at bedtime you’ll wake up with wonderful skin. The bar is highly moisturizing and the mushroom extract in the bar provides anti-aging benefits and calms redness in the skin. As someone with fairly sensitive skin that is highly acne-prone, I can say with confidence that this bar does not irritate my skin or break me out.

The Dream Steam steamer/toner tabs are lovely. I do not use them very often, but every once and a while they are great for adding to an at-home spa night. You pop one of the tabs into a bowl of steaming water and use the steam to soften your pores. The rose petals and absolute provide a nice fragrance and give the benefits of a rose water toner. I love using these after cleansing and before a face mask or treatment.

Next to bath bombs, Lush is probably most famous for their face masks. I’ve tried a number of them over the years, and the one I always end up repurchasing is the Catastrophe Cosmetic. True to its name and description, this mask is great for skin that is freaking out. It has calamine powder and chamomile blue oil, which are soothing to the skin. It is also packed with antioxidant-rich blueberries. The mask goes on thick, and even if you leave it on too long it doesn’t become painfully dry, though it will flake and crumble off. It works well for oily skin and leaves your face feeling soft after washing it off.


Tonight’s skincare routine is going to include:

Scrub: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Toner: Lush Tea Tree Steamer Tab

Mask: Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Serum: Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar

Extras: Lush Honey Lip Scrub and Peter Thomas Roth Acne Invisible Dots


If you have some Lush favorites, share them in the comments!

Wishing you joy and healthy skin in the week ahead! xx



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