What I Ate Wednesday #4

So…today wasn’t exciting, but I ate. Like I do every day. So let’s talk about the eats, yeah?

IMG_0382.jpg            IMG_0384.jpg

The day began with a cup of warm water with lemon, as always. It’s a daily habit that is so healing and hydrating. On days where I can’t have lemon water before eating, I just feel completely thrown off. I gotta have that vitamin C!

Breakfast was a couple of gluten-free waffles eaten on the way to work. Breakfast part 2 was some mango slices and blueberries, scarfed down at my desk before I checked my email. As always, coffee was my morning companion.

IMG_0385.jpg            IMG_0387.jpg

Around 11AM I took a short break and ate a Lenny&Larry’s cookie. I love these things, but sometimes the sugar feels like a little much. Lunch was a 12″ veggie sub from Subway. I tried a Subway drive-thru for the first time today, and it was a weird experience. There was a touchscreen like at drive-thru ATMs. I had to lean out my window and punch the buttons to place my order. I nearly jumped out of my seat when the guy’s voice came on and declared “You wanted that without cheese, right?”

IMG_0389.jpg            IMG_0393.jpg

Dinner was simple but delish- I steamed some broccoli and cooked some fingerling potatoes and topped them with an easy vegan cheese sauce that I made up on the spot. My nighttime snack consisted on a few squares of dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds, as well as a bowl of popcorn. Salty and sweet…just like my personality.

k thanks byyyyyeeee!




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