Where I’ve Been [Hello 2018]

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve posted.

Sometimes that’s life, yeah? Life got busier in the second half of 2017. Things at home changed. I changed. I’ve grown a lot, especially in the last couple of months. I’ve reverted to some bad habits, but I’ve also grown. It’s been a period of realization, self-acceptance, and intentionality.

Now on to where I’m going…

I’m a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. I make them every year, always using the clichés of “this time will be different” or “this isn’t a resolution, it’s a lifestyle change.” And every year, I fail. I’m too ambitious. I make progress, but I ultimately don’t keep my resolutions.

This year, I am positive things will be different. Not because I have more willpower, and not because my resolutions are different, but because I’m not making any. I said 2017 became a year of intentionality, and that’s what I’m taking into 2018.

I’m going to be intentional about my physical and mental health.

I’m going to be intentional about my friendships.

I’m going to be intentional about saving money.

I’m going to be intentional about living well.

There are definitely things I’d like to accomplish this year- I want to build an emergency fund, I want to take up some new hobbies, but I’ve decided to go into this year with intention, but without expectations.

My hope here on the blog is that you’ll be joining me again this year. More recipes, reviews, DIYs and rambles are coming your way. You should also follow me on Instagram, where I’m currently playing the Minimalism Game. It’s only day three, but I’m really excited about the challenge and the opportunity to be out with the old. Minimalism is something I’ve been passionate about for some time, and I’ve decided to use this first month of January to focus on being more minimalistic.

Hope your 2018 is off to a great start.

Here’s to making this year exactly what you want it to be.

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