The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Hello again.

It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve posted, and all the reasons are the same old ones; life has been busy, I’ve been distracted, and sadly, I feel like I’ve had a lack of content to share with you all. I’ve tried to keep my Instagram going with some Skincare Sunday posts and food posts, but I’ve missed actually taking the time to write out a recipe or share my life with my readers and followers.

Today I took a minute to remove some friends on Instagram and SnapChat, and it felt cathartic. I’ve been pondering lately how to get back to the things I love- skincare, wellness, food, minimalism, books, etc. To be honest, I’ve felt kind of lost lately. Posts online which used to be inspiring or positive have been making me feel lonely and frustrated and kind of worthless.

I’m writing this without the intent to go back and edit- this is word vomit right here, folks. Honest, too much information, possibly nonsensical word vomit. Maybe that’s redundant? The whole concept of word vomit is that it doesn’t make complete sense…anyways, I digress…

Depression is a real thing. It’s not just a fancy word for feeling “bummed out.”

Mine has been a pretty minor form and well-managed by medication, but it’s been hitting me really hard lately. I’ve spent my time being lazy in ways that only make me frustrated with myself for not pursuing my interests. Some days just the idea of showering feels like it would require too much effort. That’s not who I want to be- I don’t want to live a life defined by laziness, depression, or feelings of loneliness and apathy. I want to pursue my interests without the fear of failure and without allowing depressive slumps to stall me.

In my case right now, I know this is a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” moment. I can recognize that I’m letting this slump get to me, but I know I’m strong enough to pull myself out of it. Sometimes, however, that isn’t the case, and that’s okay too.

Again, I’m not entirely sure the point of this post, I’ve just felt like I NEED to get my thoughts out on paper, or rather, the internet. All this is to say that:

A) I’m back and there will be new posts in the near future.

B) If this resonates with you at all, know you’re not alone. There’s always a way out- whether it is giving yourself a push forward to get back into motion, or whether it is taking the time to talk to someone- a friend, a counselor, a doctor, etc. Practice selfceare and try not to let yourself hide during the hard times. We all have value and something to contribute to this world.

I hope you’ll stick around.









Info & Resources:

The Curse of Apathy: Sources and Solutions

Understanding Dysthymia

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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