Hi there!

Welcome to the blog, my name is Shelby Lynn.

I’m a plant-based foodie (with a bit of seafood now and then), health enthusiast, skincare fanatic and aspiring minimalist. I created this blog to document my journey of wellness, simplicity, and pursuit of joie de vivre.

I am a young adult with a B.A. in English. I get excited about cooking and writing. If I’m not wearing an apron, I usually have my nose in a book or I’m busy swatching a new eyeshadow palette. I’m not great at yoga but I do my best (which usually involves plenty of falling down). More than anything, I love sharing a laugh (and maybe a drink) with friends and figuring life out as new opportunities arise.

I sincerely hope you find value in the content I bring forward. My posting schedule may be sporadic and my photography may be pretty amateur, but I want to share with you content that can enhance your life. My goal is to share the lessons I learn and the things that I discover that add to my life with the hope that they add to yours as well.